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Don't Give Up On Your Goals!

For many of us we can get excited about having goals, we want to get faster at hills, we want to cycle further, we want to start racing.

At some point you we feel like giving up! At some point you will doubt yourself that you can achieve it! At some point it will get hard! At some point you may need to change what you are doing! At some point you are going to have a really bad day on the bike!

The secret to success is not giving up! You will come to road blocks, it's your obligation to yourself and to women's cycling to overcome them and fully discover the potential you have as a cyclist.

Make a pact with yourself and here are some tips to help your stick with it:

  • You may feel overwhelmed by the big goal, so just focus on the smaller steps along the way. I can be something very simple like getting out on your bike regularly or turning up to a race.

  • Tell other people your expectations of yourself.

  • When you feel frustrated and demoralised let yourself grieve, but get back on track as soon as you can.

  • Acknowledge all the small wins along the way.

  • Be realistic and take a holistic approach. Have a healthy work, family, life balance.

  • Never see failure as failure. It's a lesson that you can learn from.

  • Don't campare yourself to others, but feel inspired by them.

Remember, it never easier. You just get faster!

If you want to talk with me about your cycling goals. Book a free Discovery Call

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