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Don't let the small things stand in the way of progress!

We are all probably quite aware that by the end of February many people have given up on their New Year resolutions. Those goals we had that filled us with excitement and and motivation to make some great changes to our lives over the year ahead. A few months down the line the motivation and excitement dwindles and we spiral into the day to day challenges of our lives that make everything just feel like hard work.

Maybe your work load is a little unmanageable right now, your family are needing a little more attention, the weather is terrible, you got sick, you have an injury. These are all things that can stand in your way and take your time and motivation that is required to put into your goals and dreams.

Believe it or not even the more passionate athletes will struggle with motivation to some degree of other. It's not the most successful athletes that will bounce out of bed and train every day. But the best athletes more probably have experienced resistance and over come it from within.

Here are a few tips to keep you determined:

  • If for some reason you realise you can't do your event you planned, remind yourself that your training is never wasted. There will be other events it's best to always be prepared for what's around the corner.

  • Injuries happen to athletes, be patient, let your body heal and do what you can to maintain your fitness.

  • Have a routine. At times you might not feel focused or motivated to get to your goals, but just follow your routine, be disciplined and you will be fit and ready to take on the world when you need to.

  • Mindset is really important, be realistic but also acknowledge the hard work that you put in.

If you are determined to achieve great things and would like to support of an online cycle coach. Book a free discovery call to talk about your goals.

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