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Don't Lose Your Cycling Fitness Over Winter

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

We all know that the nice weather gives us so much more motivation to get out on the bike. For many of us the idea of putting on a million layers or sweating it out on the turbo trainer just does not have the same appeal of cruising through beautiful lanes under the sunshine.

Why You Should Train Over Winter

Your fitness come spring is going to thank you for it. If you are one of those cyclists that every spring spends half the summer building back your fitness, tell yourself there is another way, just keep cycling over the winter. Your fitness gains will improve year on year, instead of starting back at the same point year after year as we age.

Cycling in the winter can be very sociable. If you have a group to ride with there can be great sense of camaraderie of the hardy few that get out to support their passion. Also, with indoor training it has become more sociable with races and meet ups.

How To Motivate Yourself to Train Over Winter

  • We are not going to lie, training over the winter is going to take some extra motivation. If you have not got one already purchasing in an indoor trainer is going to make life easier, you don't have to worry about the unpredictability of the weather and you can get some great training sessions in.

  • Get a coach, having a coach is going to give you the accountability to get the training done and you can trust that the time you are putting in is going to make you stronger.

  • Find a group to ride with, it's best if they have a regular time as you can get into a routine and you know they are always there.

  • Wearing the appropriate clothing makes a real difference, a good pair of gloves and overshoes goes a long way and layer up in your core.

  • Have some boundaries, tell yourself whats the coldest temperature to go out in to avoid procrastination and never go out if there is risk of ice!

  • If all else fails you have option to come and join us in Mallorca, we still have spaces on our October and November camps.

The most important piece of advise, is just keep cycling through the seasons, if you stop now it's going to be even harder to pick it up deep into the winter!

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