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Don't Over Think it!

Do you often have these great ideas and set these challenges for yourself. For example you see an event you want to do, book a holiday or take on a new cycling challenge. You are really excited and motivated then the doubts come in. You give yourself a million reasons of why you shouldn't do it, why you are not prepared for it and possible things that could go wrong. You overwhelm yourself with fears that you forget the idea and don't take any action in becoming the cyclist that you want to be.

These fears and doubts are normal, but it's how we deal with them that makes the difference from being an average cyclist to becoming better than the rest! Here are some tips to help you be better than your fears...

  • Take action and don't overthink things. Enter that race, set a date to complete your challenge, book that adventure away.

  • Tell people about it. It will make it more real that it is actually going to happen.

  • Make plans, start the planning process early on, so it's harder to get out of it when you have already invested in the process.

  • Visualise yourself doing it.

  • Believe in yourself.

  • Whatever happens you learn from every experience, so make sure that you give yourself the opportunities you deserve!

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