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Exploring New Roads

Many of us like to get out on our bikes and explore new places. But where do we start?

Do you worry about getting lost?

First, I will go through how you can make use of technology to help you get around. There are a lot of bike computers on the market that are designed to help you get around. But you don’t need to go out and spend your money on one right away. On all smart phones you can use apps to navigate. Use either Strava (for a small subscription) or Ride with GSP that is currently free. You can use their route creator options and plot out a route from your house. To avoid having to get your phone out when cycling, invest in a phone mount. Using the app you will be able to follow the route right in front of you. Just make sure you phone is fully charged.

There was a time before technology

When I first started cycling, I did not have access to any technology, smartphones were relatively new and I didn’t have a bike computer right away. I liked to explore on my own, so I would print out a paper map. There was often a bit of frustration of getting lost. What really helped was remembering the names of the villages. I would write down the order on my hand and follow the signs in each village to stay on track. This along with identifying landmarks would give me the confidence to ensure I was on track as I’m someone that likes to know how far I’ve been or have got left to go.

Go out and Explore

At the end of the day, sometimes it can be frustrating, but do a bit of planning beforehand and just get out on your bike and ride, you will create some memories and soon find your favourite roads.

If you want to gain confidence on your bike, talk with one of our coaches over a free video call about your goals

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