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Feel Free On Your Bike!

One of the many things that cycling can offer us is the sense of freedom! I think that it frees us from our negative thoughts and the stresses of daily life.

How many times have you had one of those days when it feels like everything is a disaster, you get out on your bike and then there don't seem to be any problems to worry about.

Why is cycling a great way to feel free?

Freedom to be Outdoors

For many of use cycling will force us to get outdoors, even if the weather is no so favourable we feel the freedom to get outdoors and experience it. Being out in nature is very soothing for our mental well being.

You don't have to think too much

Cycling does not require much thought, which allows you to free you mind. Cycling can take us to a flow state where we can be at our most creative. For many of us cycling gives us the headspace to understand our emotions.

You can travel to new places

Cycling gives you the freedom to explore new places, whether that be close to home or to travel to places around the world to explore new roads on your bike. We can experience a sense of adventure.


We can go with gravity and feel the sense of freedom as we roll down the mountains. It can be fearsome for some, but can make sure feel free once with overcome our fears.

To talk with me about gaining more confidence and freedom on your bike, Book a Free Discovery Call

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