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Feeling and Being Strong

At Girls Get Strong Cycling we believe that strength is not just about how fast you can climb the hill or how much weight you can lift. It is about feeling strong and having the strength to pursue our goals.

Feeling Strong

Feeling strong can be interpreted in many different ways.

  • It can be by having the mental reliance to pursue our passions and commitment to achieve them.

  • We need to feel strong to take on challenges that are going to make us the cyclists we want to be.

  • This can go from entering events to having the commitment not to give up when it gets tough.

  • It can also be through pushing ourselves to train harder when on the bike.

  • It can be through putting ourselves out there at risk of failure.

Being Strong

By being stronger we can gain more confidence to do more. We can move more and be confident in completing challenged on the bike.

Feeling and being strong is great and can provide so much to our life experience. It all starts with the strength to pursue your goals.

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