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Finding Time is not a Problem Once You Find Your Passion

For many of us we have spent years dragging ourselves to the gym with failed attempts of trying to keep fit. With the biggest excuse of struggling to find the time.

However, when it comes to cycling we can somehow find loads of time to put into it. The reason is that we have found our passion, we are motivated and keen to get out on our bikes. The goal is not always to get fit and feel young, but ultimately it makes us just that.

Why is this? Generally through cycling we are connected with our emotions, the feelings from being outdoors in nature which is very beneficial to our mental health. We often form social circles around cycling, to help us connect with other people with a shared passion and similar perspective on life. Our goals can be realistic and we can emotionally invest in them, with so many events happening it can be something to work towards that we can visualise the experience and also share it with others on the day. We love to see how we are improving over time, whether it be

Going back to the gym goes. I used to own a gym and actually the most dedicated members of our gym were cyclists as they knew going to the gym would help them improve as cyclists. As a cyclist they are driven to organise their time to fit around our passion, I think that this can also be reflected in other areas of our life and can play a great benefit to us.

So, if you think that you are being decadent or over indulgent spending your time and money cycling, just think about how much or an impact it has on your quality of life, for you and your family.

If you want to get even more from cycling talk with a member of our team about your cycling goal by Booking a Free Discovery Call

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