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Finding Time to Cycle when Working from Home

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Yet again this year has thrown us with even more challenges. With many of us already working and living in the same space we now have our homes acting as schools in addition. Sometimes, it's not the time itself that stand in our way. It's the lack of structure to our time.

If you have managed to keep to your cycling schedule. That's amazing in the focus you have shown. Don't feel guilty for taking time for yourself. After cycling you should feel more relaxed, happy and content, not to mention the benefits it provides for your health. Your work should benefit from your time cycling and your family will be thankful that you will be in a better mood.

Here are some tips to ensure that you get your cycling in:

  • Put it in your schedule, block off time in your calendar for cycling

  • Realise that you have different priorities and understand what time of day works best for you to train. Is first thing in the morning best, before anyone gets up, do you like to go in the middle of the day to break the day up, or in the evening to help you wind down. There is no right or wrong, or your reasons may differ, but whatever you find works best.

  • See working from home as an opportunity to get outdoors and cycle during the day if it works for you

  • Create routine to calm the chaos

  • Get all your kit ready beforehand, so you have done already invested in the task.

  • Get a coach or have someone hold you accountable.

Setting new routines is hard, but if you believe in the cause, the only thing holding you back is your excuses.

To talk with me about your cycling goals Book a Free No Sweat Intro.

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