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Finding Your Work Life Balance

This year it's certainly something I'm thinking about myself often and also I have heard many women cyclists say the same thing, and that is finding the work life balance.

Perhaps as a result from the ways we work changing after covid, we are been given the freedom to work as we like, or just to make us realise there is more to life than work. Cycling is certainly something that helps you realise that there are more hours in the day that you can enjoy doing things you love.

For many women I know cycling, not only gives you the freedom to get outdoors and go far, but also the freedom to finish work and get that workout in, because you have made that date with yourself and your bike.

Many of us are valuing the balance of our quality of life vs income and balancing to 2. Obviously we need money to live and the freedom to enjoy our passion, but weighing up the two and finding what is right for our physical and mental well being.

So cycling in so many ways gives women freedom or adventure, freedom of time, freedom of expression and freedom to lead the life we are passionate about.

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