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Fitting in Cycling Around Your Work Schedule

Unfortunately for the most of us cycling is not our full time profession and we do have to juggle our lives to fit cycling into it. Sometimes it can feel like another stress, but with the right mindset and being disciplined in setting our priorities correctly, we can have it all.

The festive season is well out the way so there is no excuses, to make the time for yourself. So firstly let's start with some positive motivation to help you make the time for yourself. Remind yourself that cycling is not just about being selfish and doing fun things, cycling is great for your physical health. The health of your heart that benefits from cycling, is going to make huge improvements to living longer. In addition those that cycle have improved mental health. Many women who have been dependant on anti-depressants have found regularly cycling has helped them get off medication and have happier lives. We all have a responsibility to our own mental health and happiness. Women have reported to me that their families notice how much of a better mood they come home in after been out on the bike.

Not only through an improved level of fitness is going to help you in almost any profession, but having goals to work towards, overcoming barriers and getting out and doing stuff is going to make you more proficient at your job.

Also, there is the social aspect. Through cycling you are opening yourself up to so many different types of people from all walks of life, that maybe you would not have the opportunity to connect with, if it was not your shared love for cycling. As a female cyclist the sport needs you to get out there so we can have more opportunities.

So, there is the argument to help motivate you to get out there. But with all the best plans, without the right organisation it's not going to happen. Make a plan for the week, set some goals to get out so many times a week ... and let those around you know about it to get some accountability. Join a cycling group, arrange to meet friends. If you have the budget, get a cycling coach. Our coaches are skilled at helping you fit cycling around your personal circumstances.

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