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Gaining Confidence with Group Rides

Some of us like cycling as it is a solitary sport, whereas some of love the social side of group rides. I think it is good to have a balance of both. One thing I think is common is that we all can feel a bit nervous about joining a group for the first time.

Unfortunately many women do tend to ride alot alone, so take the time to research and find the right group in your area. Most of the time the women I talk to love the community that cycling brings them, so take that step, just keep turning up and get stronger with others.

Here are a few things you are likely to gain through group riding:

  • A group of friends and to feel part of a community

  • With the right group it will push you to go harder

  • By learning to draft, you can go faster

  • Your coffee stops will be fun

  • You will get taken on roads you never knew existed

  • You will never have to think what to do over a weekend again.

To talk with me about gaining confidence on your bike Book a Free Discovery Call

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