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Gearing Explained

Why do we need gears?

We have gears to help us maintain a comfortable cadence or speed when riding through different terrains. Variables such as the wind and a hills can mean that there is a need to change gear.

High Gears

A high gear or 'big gears' are best used when going down hill or with the wind behind you. The highest gear can be achieved by putting the chainring found at the front next to your pedals into the largest, outside ring. At the back on the cassette found on the rear wheel, it should be in the smallest sprocket also on the outside. When riding in a high gear you will ride with a slower cadence if the terrain does not change.

Low Gears

A low gear is best used when climbing a hill or with a head wind. It will allow you to spin faster and allow you to cycle with applying less force on the pedals. To get into a lowest gear, you need to be in the smallest ring in the chainring and in the cassette at the back on the largest cog closest to the wheel. When climbing it's best to get into a low gear before you reach the climb.

Cross Chaining

Cross chaining is when you pick the gears that are at opposite extremes of the chainrings and cassette. Avoid doing this as it is bad for your bike.

Gear ratios

There are many different gear ratios that you can use on your bike in terms of the components on your bike. If you find that you are struggling on hills or that you are spinning too much, talk to your mechanic who can find the best gear ratio for your needs.

Gaining Confidence with Gears

Gears can seem overwhelming at time. In order to gain confidence with your gears, get to know your bike. Look down to where your gear are and check every now and then which cog or ring your are in and how it feels.

If you would like to gain more confidence on your bike Book a Free Discovery Call

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