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Get Some Winter Sunshine 🌞

With the winter drawing in and soon the nights will be darker, it can get a little depressing especially as a cyclist. Your evening rides maybe confined to the turbo trainer and you don't know what the weekend will hold in terms of weather.

Girls Get Strong Cycling hold cycling camps from September to June to give you a surge of winter sunshine. We always get asked the best time to visit Mallorca. One of the reasons it is so popular for cyclists is that it is perfect for all year round cycling.

September can often feel like a hot summers day, October and November can be a bit more variable, but chances are that you are still wearing shorts. From December to February I would say are my favourite times of year in Mallorca, the island is very quite, you need to wrap up a little, but the light is beautiful and you know the weather is better than what it could be back home. By March the temperatures start to get a little warmer, until we head into July and August where cycling can become a little unbearable in the heat.

Getting away this autumn is a great way to get a great training block in that can extend the fitness that you may have built up over the winter. Not to mention that with that fitness you will gain confidence in group riding climbing and descending.

We have 2 remaining dates this year.

Are you tempted by some autumn sunshine. Book a free discovery call to tell us what you are hoping to gain from the camp and we can go through the details with you?

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