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Get Your Cycling Fitness Ready for Spring

We hear from a lot of women that get really frustrated that every year they spend half the summer season feeling unfit and frustrated that they can't enjoy the beautiful weather on the bike as much as they wish. They turn up to events not being able to perform as they like and they know is below what their potential is. Only by the end of the summer you are feeling great, strong and unstoppable.

It doesn't have to be this way! You can feel great all year round.

But why is it this way? Well you are a fair weather cyclist! Once the dark nights, cold days and unpredictable weather comes in we loose our motivation to get out on the bike. You hibernate over the winter and emerge come the nicer weather only to discover that for yet another year you have lost all the fitness you built up last year.

The answer is to keep training all year. You don't need to slog outdoors, you just need to be disciplined and create a schedule of training that is going to help you as a cyclist when you need it. You can train on the bike in comfort of the indoors and also compliment your cycling with strength training. We say if you could just get in at least 2 sessions a week on the bike ALL YEAR you are going to be so much of a stronger cyclist year on year.

Many women go to the gym to get their cycling work out or do the training on an indoor trainer at home. You may not like training indoors, but you have to remind yourself that you owe it to yourself in respect to your overall health and fitness and also to yourself in the summer when want to feel strong on the bike.

It's going to take a bit of discipline and added motivation, but doing structured workouts can be very time effective and very rewarding. With our online coaching we can help you plan your time and the workouts to help with your summer goals. It's not too late to be strong this spring.

If you would like help with your winter training Book a Free Discovery Call to talk with us about your cycling goals.

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