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Getting Back on the Bike After an Injury

Unfortunately, getting injured is often a part of cycling. Having an accident can mean that we have to deal with some emotional frustrations as well as the physical ones. Here are some concerns that you may experience.

You are not as fit as you were

By being forced to have time off the bike you may have lost some fitness, but you will get it back. It's never like starting all over, but it can feel frustrating.

Worry that it may happen again

I have to say that I find people who are new to cycling are more worried about having an accident than those that have actually had one. Ranging from having a tumble from trying cleats to something more serious as a collision with a car. As cyclists we are survivors and having an accident does prove that we can still come back and enjoy the sport even when our worst fears come to life. If you put off cycling, the fears can build up. Spend time to get your enjoyment and confidence in cycling back.

Anger that you have missed out because it was someone else's fault

This is sometimes hard to stomach. We can be left with a sense injustice. We have had to spend time away from doing what we love and away from our friends because of someone else's actions. However, it's important to remember that sometimes, life is just not fair and we have to make the best out of a bad situation.

Finding the time to fit cycling into your schedule again

After having time off the bike it can bit difficult to find the time or motivation to get back going again. You create a new routine and sometimes the idea starting back can feel uninteresting. Use this as an opportunity to start anew, set some new challenges, learn some new skills and become a reinvented cyclist.

Doing Rehab

Doing rehab can feel boring and at times you my just feel like you are not making progress or going backwards. Persevere and it will pay off so you can get back out on your bike.

Becoming injured from cycling is never an enjoyable experience. However, through all the feelings of frustration and anger, we can come back stronger!

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