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Getting Comfortable On a Climb

Hills will always be challenges, maybe that's our fascination with them. The hard work that we put into a climb can be rewarding, so can the views we can enjoy when we get to the top, as we know we earned it.

Hills don't have to be stressful. You can learn techniques so that you can feel in control of the climb.

Pace yourself

When approaching a climb you make feel the urge to get up as quickly as possible. Yes, we all want to get up as fast as possible, but you may not be doing yourself any favours. If you are not familiar with the climb, advance at a steady pace and then push harder if you can manage it.


Breathing is a huge part of climbing that can make you feel so much more present with the process. Focus on taking big deep breath's, whilst getting into an easy gear and not grinding on the gears.

Don't compare, support one another

It maybe frustrating having people come past you on a climb, but change your mindset to one of a supportive nature and focus on your positivity that you are all in the struggle together.

Climbing probably won't ever get easy, but it's a great way to help you know yourself better and become a better cyclist.

If you would like join us on one of our cycling camps and gain confidence in climbing or talk with us about having the support of a coach Book a Free Discovery Call

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