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Getting Stronger on Hills

Some of us love them, some of us fear them, some of us avoid them, but all of us suffer on them! Hills are a great part of cycling, they challenge us to become stronger cyclist.

Don't think of hills as the enemy, see them as a tool to improve yourself as a cyclist. The best way to get better at hills is practice them. Here are a few tips to build your strength as a cyclist on hills.

  • Do hill repeats, find a hill near you that is not too steep and do repeats. 3 x is a good starting point and 3 - 10 mins is a good duration of the climb. Ensure that your rest for a least the same time as you climb.

  • Change your gears early, select an easy gear before you get to the climb. It's best to ride at a faster cadence so you don't burn your legs out.

  • Take deep breaths. Breath deeply rather than fast. Don't feel that you need to breath to the rhythm of your pedalling.

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