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GGSC Podcast Episode 2: Coach Rachel talks about training for multi day events

Rachel is one of our online cycling coaches and has coached loads of women to complete in multi day events from Ultras such as London - Edinburgh - London to London to Paris or even for their first 100km ride.

Rachel says that an endurance event is something that is defined by you as long.

Training for the event

In terms of training Rachel notices that many women try to focus all their attention on getting long rides in, however consistency is much better, so a few shorter rides a week is better than doing just one long ride.


When preparing for an event Rachel explains the importance of training with all of your luggage on the bike as with the weight it can make a real difference and slow you down.

Research your and estimate how long you will be on the bike for each day. Also take into consideration of the amount of elevation on route.

During the Event

Nutrition is really important, stop regularly for food, don't leave it until you are really hungry as it could be a long time before you reach the next shop. Plan what you will buy so you are wasting time faffing at the supermarket and wasting your energy strolling the aisles.

Rachel recommends the best feed is egg fried rice and you will expect to find a Chinese open late in most villages.

To hear more from Rachel on training for endurance events listen to our podcast. You can tune in on SPOTIFY and APPLE

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