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Happy International Womens Day

It's so important for us to celebrate what it means to be a women. Here is what being a woman means to me:-

  • Not conforming to the stereotypes of what a woman should be

  • Challenging myself to achieve what I thought was not possible

  • Standing up and speaking out when I am not heard as a women

  • Respecting men that look out for women

  • Empowering women to do what they love and get out on their bikes

  • Being as strong as we can be

  • Being feminine, yet strong

  • Giving women the opportunities to be ourselves and grow

In order for us to make an impact especially as cyclists we can all play our part, the more women that are seen getting stronger on our bikes to more opportunities and equality there will be in our culture. It's not something that we should focus on for just one day, but throughout our lives.

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