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Having a Coach vs Following a Program

Updated: May 26, 2021

For many of us we really love and value having a coach and for some we are happy to follow a program. But apart from the price what are the differences and how can they help you become a faster cyclist?

How a program can help you achieve your goals

With any program that you follow as long as it is back by science and it suits your goals, you should get some improvements.... provided you can follow it. A well presented program should give you training that is targeted towards your goals and adequate room for recovery. If you feel confident in performing the training within the program and have the self motivation to stick with the set plan a program might work for you.

How coaching can ensure you achieve your goals

With all coaching you will get a program included in what they provide for you. However, not only should the program be specific to your goals and level of fitness, but should be adapted and scaled to how you progress. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and different stresses in life that should be accounted for to ensure that you are not help back from your progress.

A coach should support you and believe in you to get better. They should review your progress and ensure that you have the skills to do the training correctly so that you get the most out of every training session. They will be there to ensure you are held accountable to get the session done and then motivate you to achieve more!

A coach will acknowledge where you have made progress and let you know about it, not only to make you feel great, but to also motivate you to keep going.

A coach will listen to you and help you understand what is standing in the way of you being the best version of yourself and help to give you the tools to get there.

If you are paying for a coach, ensure that you are receiving support from you coach and that it surpasses anything that you would get from a program alone.

At Girls Get Strong Cycling we are a coaching company. Although programs may suit some, we only offer coaching as we believe that your chances of success will be higher and you reach a higher level with the support of a coach. It makes the job so much more rewarding for us also to build that special relationship.

Book a free discovery call to talk with me about your goals and we can make a plan to get you there.

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