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How a Turbo Trainer Can Help You Get Through the Winter

Updated: May 6

I understand that the idea of sitting in a sweaty room and peddling into nowhere is not what you signed up for when you started your cycling journey. You love the freedom of the outdoors, meeting with friends and discovering new places. Quite the opposite of a turbo trainer, where you are generally alone, you are not outdoors and you will generally be in the same location for all of your rides.

Here is how a turbo trainer can help you with all that you love about cycling.

It will help you continue with all year cycling and get outdoors when you can

Imagine if you had to stop cycling because you just could not face the weather. What happens when a sunny day suddenly arrives on the weekend or for your group ride. Chances are you feel guilty and unfit from inactivity and replaced your cycling time will less fulfilling activities.

By training on the turbo you have kept your sacred cycling time and also improved on your fitness to take on the outdoors.

Cycling with Friends

Ok, we can't cycle with our friend in person. But one thing that the pandemic has taught is that we can connect with people virtually. Using programs like zwift we can connect and ride with friends all over the world.

Build the strength to do more

Turbo trainers are great to focus on your training, so you can become stronger and explore more places outdoors when the weather is better. With many trainers you can measure your power (watts) so you can train more effectively and if you have a coach they can have an accurate reading of your progress.

Wahoo offer a great selection of trainers that have easy to use software.

To talk with me about your cycling goals Book a Free Discovery Call

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