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How Cycling Can Take You To a Flow State

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Do you find that when you cycle, time just passes. You are tired but barely notice. Are you completely living in the moment and absorbed in the activity of riding your bike?.

When you cycle you can be transformed into something called the ‘Flow State’. Once you have mastered the skill of cycling, it becomes a natural movement that you can immerse yourself in for hours at a time.

How best to get into a flow state

In order to get into a flow state the activity needs to be challenging and rewarding, so set yourself a goal, for example of cycling a certain distance and immerse yourself as you clock down the miles. If there is no specific challenge or purpose for your ride you may find it difficult to get into a flow state. Read my blog on ‘Setting Goals Makes You Strong’ to help you learn to get in the zone.

How does it feel to be in a Flow State?

  • When you are in a flow state you find the activity intrinsic and rewarding.

  • You will feel a sense of control over the activity you are doing

  • The task is doable, yet rewarding

  • You will feel focused and and strongly connected to with the activity

  • You will feel a lack of sense of time.

The benefits of being in a flow state

Do you often feel inspired and full of ideas when on a bike ride?

When our mind is challenged into a task it can reach its full capacity. When the activity is something that we enjoy or are good at we can reach a flow state, which leaves us energised, ecstatic and motivated and fulfilled. By being in the flow state it can help you perform better in other areas of your life and enhance skills such as teaching, learning, patience, focus and absorption of information. Because we often crave to get back into the flow state we are always seeking new challenges within the activity.

Other Activities that can bring us to a flow state are painting, drawing or writing, but foremost you have to enjoy the activity.

When have you experienced a flow state?

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