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How Improving your Mental Heath Could Help Your Nutrition

When it comes down to our nutrition it is all about creating good habits, at the end of the day we are habitual beings, so it's important to instil healthy habits that are going to benefit us to have happier and more fulfilling lives.

Dispelling some myths

For many of us we get caught in a trap of believing that some of our habits are good for us. I come across many cyclist that have a fear or carbs, we need them to give us more energy. It's important to get over the mental block that carbs will cause us to put on weight. Carbs will give you more energy to train more!

Another myth that I come across is that you need to train more to loose wight. I see many cyclists in fear of taking a rest day, because they think that they need to burn more calories.

Having these fears is going to cause havoc. You won't be focused on what really matters. Weightloss is a simple task of eating the right amount of calories to what you expend. But overtraining is not going to solve the problem. It will only make you stressed.

Gaining Awareness

Having awareness of what you are eating and how it makes you feel is the best thing you can do. Understand what your body needs on a practical level and gain awareness of how foods make you feel and how they can help you perform on the bike.

When you get stressed though-out the day and want to avoid doing certain tasks, don't reach for the cookie jar, don't add in an extra training session. Take a few minutes for yourself and meditate to understand what is bothering you.

Make food prep the most simple task possible and don't allow it to be another stress in your life. Pre plan your meals at the weekends or when you have more time to focus.

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