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How Long Does it Take....

I get it you are really passionate about improving yourself as a cyclist. You want results.... fast and you get frustrated you are not there. You are putting the work in and you have days where it's just not showing you what you want.

Personally, I have periods of time where I consider giving up, I tell myself that I never going to be good enough, I convince myself that there must be something wrong with me. This happens to all of us, this will probably happen to you along the way and it will also happen to professional athletes.

Keep of the path

The difference to failure and success is no listening to your negative beliefs. No acting on them and following the path that you already set for yourself. We can all be beginners and amateurs at some points of our lives but only the few will become experts. The Author Malcom Gladwell says that in order to be an expert we need to do something well for 10, 000. I would go further to say that to be 10,000 hours of training to a specific goal of getting stronger.

So, how long does it take...

`We all like tangible numbers and some sort of security that the hard work. Motivation will only take us so far, persistence is what will take you to where you want to be. I would say that a journey never ends a story is never finished untold.... until you are ready to throw in the towel. It takes years to really develop yourself as a cyclist, thats years dedication, learning from your mistakes and not giving up. Personally, when I look back and I started racing I wanted what I am only close to having NOW, it's taken me 3 years and I can only start seeing how I am getting there. Only now, do I look back and tell myself... 'Well done ... you didn't give up!

Getting to where you want to be is always easier with the support of a coach. To talk with us about your goals Book a Free Discovery Call

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I agree. Through Elspeth I have hired a coach to help me get ready for the camp in two weeks. I have only had a month to train but I am already seeing changes. It's also helping to reduce my anxiety about not being ready...but ready is relative and I am determined to focus on the journey and not the result.

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