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How Routine Can Help You be A Stronger Cyclist!

We know it can sometimes feel hard holding down a routine. We understand that we have all experienced a global pandemic that has caused havoc to our daily habits. For some of us it has helped us in a good way and for some of us it has stood in the way of what really matters to us, being out on our bikes!


If you don't sit down and really tell yourself what is important you. Without this it is so easy to let other less important, but perhaps more demanding tasks get in the way. Sit down and allocate the time to get cycling.

The power of habit

We are habitual beings. It's just as easy to create negative habits as it is to create positive ones. So go and create that cycling habit. Go out on your regular route, you don't have to think about it much then, so you can get up and get going. Go out at the same times, so not only do you know that's the time for cycling, but also your family do also.

Start seeing progress in the patterns

By practicing the same habits you can start seeing your progress over time. Keep tackling the same hill and you will get faster. When we can see that we are making improvements, it's a great motivator to do more and get hooked on cycling again.

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