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How Strong Do You Need To Be To Attend Our Cycling Camps? 💪

For our Mallorca Cycling camps we have 2 different levels, intermediate and advanced levels. For each level there are different characteristics of what you can expect from the week, in terms of the level of difficulty of the rides. But for all of our camps the ethos stays the same. To support women to become the best cyclists we can be, to learn and support each other and of course have a fantastic experience where you can go home a stronger and more confident cyclist.

Girls Get Strong Cycling is founded by Elspeth Storrar, a female cyclist herself who knows all too well the frustrations we experience as female cyclists. She will be backed by other female leaders in cycling and professionals that will offer support on and off the bike.

Who are the camps for?

Our camps are for women that are  enthusiastic about cycling, that want to spend a full week of cycling amongst other women that share their passion. It's for women that want to challenge themselves and have already built up a reasonable amount of experience in cycling.

Unfortunately our camps are not suitable for complete beginners, but with the right attitude we believe that anyone can build up the fitness and experience on the bike within a year. We can help you with our online coaching. Or just get out on your bike regularly on your local roads, build up your mileage and look out for beginner groups in your local area. As much as cycling in the sunshine with a group may look appealing, in reality cycling on unfamiliar roads, on an unfamiliar bike and with a group of others is not the best learning environment for newbies. But we can offer 1-1 guiding in Mallorca to help you build up your confidence and get some personal support that can be tailored to your level and experience.

What type of experience do I need?

You don't need to be a pro to come, we have many women attending our intermediate camps, who are fairly new to cycling. We just ask that you feel confident riding a road bike, you cycle regularly and have built up your endurance to be able to cycle around 80km. We do more on the camp, but just having that regular routine is going to help prepare you. You maybe nervous about descends and have no experience in group riding, but that's fine, you will get better by the end of a week with us.

For our advanced level camps we expect that you have a little more experience with cycling and you have had several years where it has been your passion. The routes are a lot more challenging as we do much more climbing with several hard days back to back. So many women come on our intermediate camps first to see how they do. Some book straight into the advanced level. We ask that you feel reasonably confident at descents and have experience of group riding.

What level of fitness do I need?

The great thing about cycling is that it does make you very fit. If you put the time in on the bike then you will build up the fitness required for our intermediate camp, and challenge yourself and show your commitment to cycling and you will be fit enough to conquer the hills on our advanced camp.

Of course there is no one size fits all, we have all had different experiences on the bike. So if you are unsure then please schedule a call so you can tell us about yourself and we can go through all the details with you.

Check out our dates and get your place on one of our cycling camps HERE. Reserve in 2023 before our prices increase.

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