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How to complete 100km for the first time

For many of us that are new to cycling completing the first 100km ride is a great goal to work towards. I think that anyone with a reasonable level of fitness can build themselves up to this goal within 12 - 16 weeks. Even as a complete beginner to cycling.

The most important attributes are your determination and commitment to the cause, with a little planning and time management fitted in.

Make a commitment to the date

This may seem like a daunting task initially and you maybe tempted to want to wait until you are ready. However without the time pressure you are less likely to commit to getting improving your fitness. Fear is sometimes good, it will make you do the work to prepare yourself.

So set yourself a reasonable date to complete your challenge. Either enter an event where you will make a financial commitment to the cause. Alternatively put the date in your diary, tell you friends you are doing it, so you don’t talk yourself out of doing the training to get you there.

Make a plan

Look at the date you want to complete your challenge and work backwards.


1 week to event: 60km / 37 miles

2 weeks to event: 80km / 50 miles

3 weeks to event: 70km / 44 miles

4 weeks to event: 60km / 37 miles

5 weeks to event 30km / 18 miles

6 weeks to event 50km / 30 miles

7 weeks to event 40km / 25 miles

8 weeks to event 30km / 18 miles

9 weeks to event 20km / 12miles

10 weeks to event 30km / 18miles

11 weeks to event 25km / 15miles

12 weeks to event 20km / 12miles

Make you you set the time aside, so cycling becomes a part of your routine, if you complete these distances each week your endurance and fitness will build up over time and the 100km ride will become a manageable task.

Let yourself Recover

Do you notice every 4 weeks it is a little easier? It’s important that you give yourself a little time to recover so you don’t burn yourself out. As much as not doing the training, too much training can cause you to give up also, due to being tired, unmotivated and riding slower. Plus, it will remind you how far you come when you now find riding 30km easy.

If you are already comfortable at riding 100km and now frustrated you are not getting faster. I will be talking about how to build up your speed later this week.

Tell me if there is a distance you want to be challenged to ride?

If you would like do discuss your personal challenge with a coach book a free online discovery call

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