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How to Complete your Indoor Trainer Set Up!

Soon is the season for the indoor trainer. The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting unpredictable, so many of us are choosing to train indoors. You can read my previous post on the pros and cons of training on a turbo trainer if you are still unsure.

If you are ready to go with your trainer, here are some tips to give you a better experience.

  1. Get a fan. When you cycle your body heats up, the wind provides a great cooling system. So get a fan or two to keep you cool. Any fan you can pick up will do but I would suggest getting something of 40w plus. If you want something really fancy the trainer manufacturers produce them that stimulate the wind on the ride.

  2. If you are using a computer you can get a laptop stand or even an ironing board to position your computer. Again you can get a fancy one designed for the job, but you will be paying a lot more for it.

  3. Use a towel to cover your handlebars when you ride, not only can you wipe the sweat away from you, but it will protect the longevity of your handlebars and bar tape.

  4. Wipe down your bike from the sweat after use.

  5. Crack on some tunes or a podcast to keep you motivated.

  6. Have drinks and snacks at hand for when you need them.

  7. If you plan to do a ride first thing or straight from work, have it all set up, so you don’t opt for the sofa instead.

Share in the comments your indoor trainer set up.

For help with training over the winter indoors or outdoors, book a free discovery call.

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