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How to Fit Strength Training Around Cycling

I think that it is great that cyclists are recognising the benefits of strength training not only in terms of their performance as a cyclist, but also for their overall health.

Strength Training can help you as a cyclist through building a stronger and more resilient body. You will be at less risk of injury, you will recover better from training and you will be at less risk of injury. Strength training will also build your core strength so you can position yourself better on the bike and increase your explosive power.

In terms of your overall health benefits, strength training and increase your muscle mass as you age and help with the increasing your bone density to ward off the onset of osteoporosis.

You can check out some exercises HERE to help you get started.

Although strength training is important if you want to be a better cyclist, it should not be your priority. It is a secondary exercise. Unless you are experiencing repetitive injuries, then you should prioritise strength training for some time.

Strength training should ideally been done all year round. However, if you have a heavy season of racing and you need time to recover then it's ok to back off.

Remember, don't let strength training overwhelm your training. Little and often is the best recipe, so I suggest 2 sessions a week of around 1 hour. As for when to put into your week, you may want to double up on training for some days. As cycling is your priority go cycling in the morning and do your strength training in the evening. Never do them back to back, you won't get any quality training in. This will allow you for some recovery days during the week, which is always a must!

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