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How to Get Faster!

Updated: May 6

It's probably the biggest goal we all share as cyclists, we all want to get faster. Whether it be that we don't want to be the rider everyone is waiting for in the group, that you want to ride with a faster group, that you want to beat your segments on strava, or that you are racing and you know your performance depends a lot on your ability to ride fast.

The good news is that if you are willing to work hard enough there are always ways to make gains in cycling.

Cycle More Miles

More is not always better. If you are fairly new to cycling putting in more time on the bike will make you faster. This will only work to a certain extent, you can train smarter with the time you spend on your bike through following a structured plan. Killing yourself for the full duration of every ride, will probably just leave you tired and demotivated.

Loose Weight

If you are carrying extra weight a reduction in your weight will help you go faster especially up hills. You should take a gradual approaching, so not to loose it all through crash dieting, otherwise you may loose muscle mass and also lack the energy to train. Aim to loose a little week after week.

Upgrade Your Bike

You can go faster depending on the bike you use. However, unless you are very slim you have potential to loose more weight through your body than the weight of your bike. Although getting a new bike may encourage you to cycle more miles, just ensure that you are consistent with it.

Practice Interval Training

Without interval training we just tend to go out and ride. It's important to change our pace and ride certain amounts of the ride at a more intense pace. This will train different energy systems and ultimately make you a stronger, fitter and faster cyclist. If you are climbing up hills, you are probably doing it already.

Get Adequate Recovery

Without adequate recovery, your body will not be prepared to take on the extra strain needed to improve your speed. Take regular rest days and build up your training consistently and gradually.

The best approach to get faster is through hard work and sweat by following a structured training schedule. It should be based on your current level of fitness, your time you can dedicate to training, your ability to recover and your goals.

To take with me about how you would like to get faster, book a free intro call

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