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How To Get Faster As You Age

Personally I am in my mid 35. I am very happy that I am currently the fastest I have ever been on the bike. I have been cycling for 10 years so it's not a new thing I have just taken up. I am faster now than I was in my 20's. For some, 30 is still young there are women and even clients of mine in their 50's that are fitter now more than ever. The answer is through training smarter.

I often say to myself how amazing it would be if you could have the body of a 20 year old and the mind I have now. With age can come wisdom.

What's the Secret

One major factor to when you age is that you do need to take more care of your recovery. You can't train hard every day and expect to make progress. However, regular rest days combined with targeted structured training will get you the results you want. The end goal will be that you not only get stronger but you manage the load cycling and racing regularly so you can put out a consistent performance.

Above everything follow this advice:

  • Prioritise the training that matters

  • Don't get temped by doing every cross training class possible to help you get stronger. Strength training or pilates just 2 x week is enough.

  • Be responsible and take rest days

  • Get a coach to give you structured training and adequate rest based on your performance.

To talk to me about becoming the fastest in your life Book a Free Discovery Call

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