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How to Get More Speed on Your Bike

Are you now comfortable with riding long distances regularly?

Do you find that you just can’t fit any more cycling into your week?

Are you cranking up the mileage and getting frustrated you are not getting faster?

It’s time to reassess your training

It’s quite common to reach a plateau at some stages of your cycling journey. A plateau is when you just stop making progress. It can be quite frustrating. However, the good news is that you can find ways in which you can improve your performance.

Start Practicing Intervals

By adding more intensity to your training you will see improvements in your average speed. The best way to do intervals is by finding your nemesis a hill where you are forced to push harder, go out and do a few repeats, you can recover on the down hill.

Find a straight section on your ride without too many junctions or traffic and push a little harder for 10 minutes or so. You can aim to do this several times during a longer ride.

You can do shorter efforts of around 3 minutes where you go as fast as you can (these are hard), so make sure you take around 5mins recovery between intervals. Start with around 4 and build up to doing more over time.

Be Patient, Regular and Consistent

Don’t go overboard and do everything right away. But do practice your training regularly. Whatever types of workouts you wish to do aim to do them every 1-2 weeks and bring in new elements gradually, so you can feel in control of the process.

Are you feeling the effects of a plateau?

To talk with a coach about how you can get faster book a free discovery call

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