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How to Go From Commuter Cyclist to it Becoming Your Hobby

For many of us we start out cycling as commuters. It's a great was to travel to work in a positive way, same money on fuel or fares and keep fit at the same time. Personally I started my cycling journey as a commuter cyclist in London. I never thought I would embrace in cycling the streets of London, but when I could see so many of my friends having the freedom of wizzing through all sides of London, I felt inspired. I was very amazed of the idea of cycling from one side of London to the other, maybe as it took so long by public transport.

I invested in a hybrid commuter bike and put a basket in the front and started commuting to work. I set myself the goal to go 2 times a week initially and that grew to everyday. Years later I was covering about 100miles a week just getting to and from work on my Brompton in addition to the weekend rides on my road bike. I learned so much more about the city and how to get around without having to rely on public transport.

What is often the hardest part to progress your cycling further is to have the motivation to go out cycling when you are not going from A to B. It can sometimes seem pointless and empty. Here is a list of things that you can do to help you progress from being a commuter to turning it into your hobby.

  • Set yourself distance goals each week.

  • Research routes and get out at the weekend and explore further afield than your commute.

  • Enter a sportive or gran fondo so you have to train for it.

  • Get an indoor trainer for when the weather is bad.

  • Get a cycling coach

  • Join a local club and make it sociable

Before you know it you will be hooked. That base that you will have built up as a commuter will help you in completing longer distances. You will start to notice that not only your quality of life is improved with your new passion and focus but your improved health and fitness will mean you can get more out of life.

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