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How to Help Prevent Chaffing

Updated: May 6

Unfortunately chaffing is something that probably all cyclist have experienced at some point of their cycling lives.

Chaffing is caused by rubbing around your private parts from time on the saddle. It is more common when you start cycling, as you literally have to toughen up!

Make sure you take the following advice to help eliminate chaffing from your life.

  1. Wear good quality cycling shorts

  2. Don't wear underwear under your cycling shorts

  3. Wear chamois cream

  4. Make sure that your saddle is the right height

  5. Make sure that you have the correct saddle for you, or at least that it is women's specific

  6. Don't sit at home in your cycling kit after a ride, take it off and get clean straight away

Share in the comments, what has helped you avoid chaffing?

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