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How to let your friends know you are now a cyclist!

It’s a gradual evolution from regular human to cyclist.

Perhaps you started cycling to save some money by community or just to improve your fitness a little and get outdoors, but now you are officially addicted and planning all your time around cycling.

You develop from thinking it’s strange wearing tight shorts with a pad on to wondering why anyone wouldn’t. You are always looking to keep up with the latest cycling trends. It maybe that your cycling kit is the most expensive item of clothing you now own.

You change your weekend lie in to springing out of bed to do your long weekend ride. You will even go home early from a night out to ensure you are well rested for the adventure ahead.

You become repulsed by the sight of men with hairy legs.

You spend your time when not cycling on Strava comparing your stats.

If any of this is familiar to you, chances are you are a cycling addict. It’s not a bad addiction to have. You have found a passion. You are keeping fit and healthy, experiencing the outdoors, not to mention gaining some reflective time to yourself, which will ultimately make you a better person to be around.

However, it’s a common feeling for cyclists that their non-cycling friends often stand in the way of their cyclist plans or you feel guilty for missing out on your time on the bike.

Be an Inspiration

Be mindful that your non cyclist friends do not care about how far you have been cycling this week or how fast you have gone. But they should care about you, so tell them what benefits you get from it they should be more supportive. You may even inspire them to get out on a bike themselves.

Be Assertive

Don’t feel guilty for missing out on things that you enjoyed before your life as a cyclist. Change is good, don’t feel bad for it. There are only so many hours in a day and they are all well spent if you are on a bike.

Join a Cycling Group

Make friends with other cyclists. Cycling can be very sociable and you can make great friends whilst you are on your bike.

Make a plan

Plan ahead and make time for the people that matter to you so it can fit around your cycling plans.

Above all, remind yourself how great it feels to be out on your bike and how you will be a happier person from it.

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