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How to Look After Your Cycling Kit

Updated: May 6

If you have ever bought cycling kit, you probably realise that it is not cheap. Riding in cycling shorts will make your ride more comfortable. A jersey will make you feel part of the cycling community and the pockets will come invaluable once you start using them. Not to mention the benefits to helping you with the climate.

If you look after it well, it will look better and last longer.

  • You don’t want your sweat to be left sitting in the fabric. As soon as you get home from a ride, take off your kit and wash it straight away if possible. If not give it rinse, leave it to dry before putting it in the washing basket ready for washing day.

  • NEVER USE FABRIC SOFTENER. Just use detergent for delicates.

  • Wash on a cool hand wash.

  • Don’t dry in direct sunlight.

  • Ideally store your kit hanging up ready for your next ride.

If you get the dreaded chain marks on your kit, don’t put it into the wash immediately. As soon as you get home apply some washing up liquid and massage into the fabric. If you still can’t get it out apply some stain remover and massage into the fabric. Leave to dry in before putting in the wash.

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