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How to Start and Grow your Women's Cycling Group

Starting a women's cycling group can be a great way to create a supportive community of fellow female cyclists. It can provide us with great rides that benefit us and a great way to build new friendships.

We all know that cycling is a very male dominated sport and if you do want to join a group or club it is likely that you are going to be in the minority as a female. Many of us would often welcome a female group for 1 or both of 2 reasons. That the pace is not suited to us or for the social aspects of riding with other women. On a competitive level we are also matched more equally to women, so we can have some fun in those areas, or just that we can comfortably keep up with the group.

Here are some common problems is see with the struggle to build women's groups.

The purpose

The number 1 problem I see with women's cycling groups is their being very little information about the rides apart from being women only. This would put most women right off from the first instance. Women seek to join cycling groups for very different reasons. Common reasons could be that they are fed up of not being able to keep up with a group of men, they don't have the confidence to ride with a group of men, so have never tried. On the other hand some women might just want a strong group of women to feel challenged by. Some women might be fine riding with men, but would love the opportunity to ride with women that could challenge them. Socially many women would rather ride with other females provided they are matched equally on their cycling ability and outlook.

It's really important to be clear in your communication. Be clear on what speeds you ride at and what the aim of the ride is. One women's social pace to another's is very different! Many women have fears that the group would be too slow and others that they would be holding the group back.

Don't be afraid be sounding a little exclusive, it helps women to know what to expect otherwise they won't bother to waste their time attending a poorly attended ride that just was not for them.

Be consistent

Be consistent in the times that you put out your rides. Once you get a few people coming they want to know you will always be there. It may not work for everyone, but it's best to be regular. Those that want to come will make time if not this week, then the next.


Find people that are well connected and share the same values as you to help you grow your group. For these people it's going to benefit them to have a solid cycling group that they want to go to. Post photos, so other women know what to expect. Many women have a vision in their head of what they don't want a women's group to be, so show them what your group is, for some it may not be for them, but for others it will be something that they want to be part of.

Building cycling groups is a great way to offer more for women in the sport and give us more opportunities as female cyclists.

I have a few slots to offer consulting to help grow your cycling group. Click HERE to find out more.

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