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How to Stay Positive During a Global Pandemic

So, we all like a challenge! Right now we all face the challenge of staying positive whilst we are all living through a global pandemic. By positive I don't mean forget it's all happening. By positive I mean having the strength to do things that are going to put you in a better mood or help you build your confidence.

We are all living a different interpretation of the pandemic, some of us are lonely, some of us are worried about money, lots of us are stressed, some of us are overworked, some of us can't find work, some of us are anxious, some of us are fed up, some of us are worried about our families, some of us are fed up of being in the house with our families.... and the list goes on.....

The worst thing we can do is get angry about what is happening. But the best thing is to do things that will boost your mood.

Here is a reminder of things you can do to boost your mood:

  • Firstly get out on your bike

  • Plan a new route and visit somewhere different.

  • Look a nature and remind yourself that their is beauty in the world

  • Surround yourself with positive people.

  • You may not feel heard at the moment, but lend your ear to someone else to remind you that people listen, even if it you doing it

  • Reach out to old friends

  • Focus on things in life you are grateful for

  • Get some structure into your training and focus on your improvements

  • Don't be surprised if your confidence is low right now, but don't neglect getting out on your bike!

To talk with me about building your confidence on the bike Book a Free No Sweat Intro

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