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How to Wear Your Helmet

For anyone that has ever needed a helmet they value it as they know it has saves their lives. We may not like the idea of a helmet and we may not like having to spend the money on one. But it is a very important element to your safety as a cyclist. It's not only important that you buy a helmet that is fit for purpose, in that it can protect your head, also that it fits well and is worn properly.

How to select the correct helmet

  • Ensure that you purchase he correct helmet for the right purpose, so it you are a road cyclist ensure you have a road helmet. They will vary for example for everyday use an aero helmet might not give you the ventilation you need, but will help you go faster.

  • Most helmets will come in a range of sizes so take your measurements and try on in the shop if possible.

  • Most helmets now have 'mips' which is designed to give you added protection, so look out for it.

  • You can get a good quality helmet from around £80. Anything above that will probably be lighter or more aerodynamic and won't necessarily give you any more added protection.

How to wear your helmet

Your helmet wants to be fit on top of your head about a fingers width above your eye brows. It should fit snuggly on your head and not be moving around. The strap should come just under your chin and tight enough to fit one finger underneath.

How to look after your hair

Unfortunately wearing a helmet and cycling into the wind is not good for your hair. I find it helps to tie it in a plat and also into a bun to stop the ends drying out. Most helmets are designed to comfortably fit your hair in, either through a hole or under the straps.

I also find that wearing a headband helps in stopping the hair to be pulled out at the front when taking my hemet on and off.

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