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What To Do When You Won't Go Cycling in the Cold or Wet Weather!

Updated: May 6

Some of us cyclists love to brave all weathers and relish the challenge whilst others just can't bear it. Does it mean that you are not a proper cyclist? Does this mean that you are not going to get stronger on your bike!

The answer is no and you don't have to like cycling in the cold and rain. There is more kit to worry about and then you need to spend extra time in cleaning your bike. Yes, you should keep your bike clean.

You can get faster on your bike without dealing with bad weather!

If you love cycling in all weathers keep at it, but there are other options.

Adapt Your Schedule for the Weather

If you have a crazy schedule then, this might be difficult. If you are flexible with your time ensure you get your rides in each week, but adapt the days based on the weather. This may sound simple, but you can easily let a ride slip by until it's weeks off the bike, so you have to be disciplined in prioritising your time.

Train Indoors

If you have not noticed the indoor cycling market has gained in popularity in the last few years. With an indoor trainer there is not excuse not to get your training in. Your bike does not get dirty and you have the certainly that you can train. You can follow programs with apps, such as zwift and sufferfest or follow the training set by a coach.

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