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Improve your Self Esteem Through Cycling

Updated: May 6

Do you sometimes feel that you do not value yourself enough?

Do you feel that you are not good at what you do?

With the uncertainties of life at the moment, it can cause a negative impact on our mental health. Low self esteem can be defined as not valuing yourself enough and not trusting in your own capabilities. When we perceive things to be going badly we can drip into a spiral of low self esteem.

You can improve your self esteem by focusing on things that you have control over.

Boost Your Self Esteem through Cycling

  • Set realistic goals for yourself.

  • Keep track of your progress.

  • Surround yourself with other positive cyclists.

  • Tell yourself what you have achieved as a cyclist.

  • Help out other cyclists, we have all been beginners, so share your experience with them.

  • Cycling will boost endorphins (your happy hormones) to put you in a better mood.

  • Help yourself relax through cycling and reduce any stress you may have.

  • Try new things and set new challenges for yourself

Remember, it’s normal to feel negative at some points of your life, but it is the making of a great person or cyclist to bring themselves out of it into a positive place.

Share in comments, how has cycling helped improve your self esteem?

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