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Inclusion Within Cycling!

As female cyclist I am sure that a feeling you are at times familiar with is that you do not feel included.

Cycling is a very male dominated sport and the change is happening in that more women are taking up cycling and more women are given opportunities, but it is a slow process.

Inclusion does not mean just allowing us to attend men's group rides, racing alongside men and wearing mens clothes. Inclusion means addressing the needs of female cyclists directly. Yes, some of the needs are the same, we love to ride our bikes. But many of our needs are different. A fast female cyclist will be slower than a the equal of a male cyclist. When put together our efforts are not acknowledged.

Personally my biggest frustration is that we are put together alongside men of a similar speed. Particularly in racing, when you have to race with men due to lack of female only races. I know that I train harder than the men and take it a lot more seriously but they have a huge advantage over us females, in that they are stronger.

The differences are also that as females we emotionally act differently in certain situations, so we need the support that understands us. Also, we are physically different, we need different clothing to suit our needs, we don't want to be dressed in men's clothing.

Things are changing, more and more women are taking up cycling and we can all be part of a bigger change by taking up more challenges as female cyclist and be seen out on our bikes doing inspirational things!

At Girls Get Strong Cycling we understand your frustrations and the needs of female cyclists, if you want to talk to us about becoming a stronger cyclist book a free discovery call

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