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Indecisiveness Kills Your Goals!

At Girls Get Strong Cycling we believe that strength can be build physically and mentally. In fact it's hard to think that one can be developed without the other.

Having the confidence to make decisions and act on them in our own best interest if going to help you become a stronger person. We don't mean that you need to go and do want you want with complete disregard to others or taking risks that are going to but you in danger. But having the confidence to make decisions that help you progress in where you want to be.

Let's think about our cycling goals. More than often our self doubt comes in and destroys many opportunities for us. For example you might be telling yourself, I might be the slowest, I won't get up that hill, I won't have the time to train, I can't afford it, I'm too old. With this negative thinking we can often get overwhelmed by deliberation and the inability to make any decisions, which can then often lead to anxiety.

Turn this negative thinking into a mindset that will take you to a better place, even if I'm the slowest, I'll give it all I have, I'll keep riding up that hill and won't get off, I'll make time to train, I'll budget so I can afford it in time, I'm going to be an inspiration to women of my age.

Give things a go and ask yourself, what's the worst that can happen? Often the worst thing can be not making that decision at all and just staying in the same place, it feels safe, but really is it healthy?

Having the support of a coach is a great way to improve your outlook and give you the confidence to get what you want out of life... Book a Call to talk with us about your goals... what's the worst that could happen?

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