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Is Being More Disciplined Going to Help You in 2024?

Recently I have heard from so many women telling themselves that they need to be more disciplined. More disciplined to get their cycling in, to go to bed early, to complete things without procrastination.

Maybe becoming more disciplined is going to be the trend of 2024 that is going to help us achieve our cycling goals and get more out of life. Thankfully, it has been serval years since we have said goodbye to the covid pandemic, where through restrictions enforced on us many of us did have the opportunity to explore our hobbies and connect spend time freely with our loved ones as a result of taking some time out of the fast paced world that we live in.

Now we are back living in a world full of distractions in which we can find it hard to keep up with the fast pace of life. But we don't always have to keep up, we just need to be disciplined putting our time and efforts in what we want to achieve and not to too distracted. Here are some ways we can become more disciplined:

  • Set a reasonable bed time and keep to it.

I find that actually people that don't have to get up in the morning often have terrible sleeping patterns. Go to bed at a reasonable time and rise early so you can be productive from an early hour and get a workout in before you go to work.

  • Limit social media

Social media is a killer of your time. How much time do you spend scrolling and really not achieving anything. There are setting on your phone so you can set restrictions.

  • Have a training plan and stick to it

Set some goals within your cycling, it could be a simple as cycling at least 3 times a week and sign up for an event to work towards. Put it in your diary and stick to it. If you want more structure and accountability then we can help you with coaching.

  • Plan quality time with your loved ones.

We can have it all if we make the time for it. Plan quality time with the people you care about, so you can build more meaningful relationships, rather than multi tasking whilst you are together.

  • If you have a partner set clear boundaries with them.

Tell you partner when you are around and tell them when you will be there to help with chores, childcare or picking the kids up so you can do your bit, but when it's not taking you away from your priorities.

Perhaps write your own list of how you can become more disciplined this year and change your habits for the better.

If you would like support and accountability to get more about of cycling book a free discovery call to talk about your cycling goals and we can explain how we can help you with online cycle coaching.

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