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It's OK to be a Beginner!

One thing I have found about cycling is that the more that I advance at it, the more I realise is that there is so much to be learned. It's what makes cycling so appealing for me and to so many other women. You can always find ways to advance and make improvements in terms of your fitness, technique and understanding equipment. I've been cycling for 10 years and sometimes I still feel like a beginner, because there is always something new to improve on to make you better.

When you first start cycling you have the challenge of getting comfortable with a road bike, then there are the shoes, group rides, descending, ascending, gearing, group riding, drafting events, racing.... and the list goes on.

It's ok to feel like a beginner.

You may feel anxious, overwhelmed and frustrated at times. But always perserver with your mission of becoming a stronger cyclist and in time you will make improvements. Without that feeling of frustration we get as a beginner, we would never make advancements.

Practice, practice, practice!

At times there is not magic recipe for success, only to practice on your weaknesses. For example if climbing is not your strong point, go out and practice climbs so you get stronger. If descending is a challenge for you, find out what is holding you back and practice the techniques. Before long you won't be the beginner anymore!

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