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It's Ok to Make a Million Mistakes

As with cycling and many things in life, it really is ok to make mistakes and feel like we have failed. The most successful people and cyclists have put themselves out there in the face of failure, been in a situation where it really has not gone to plan or been unsuccessful in their goals.

If we all listened to the negative voice in our head our legs would not be pedalling on our bikes and we would not be out there connecting with our cycling communities.

I think the number 1 fear of a female cyclist is....

Worried about being the slowest on a climb

I think this must be the number 1 fear of any female cyclist. Being the slowest up the climbs. I'm sure we have all been there. Plus you have to remind yourself this is really dependant on your company. Put pretty much any female cyclist behind Vanvlutten and you going to be spat out the back. If we listen to our fear of failure, we would never get out and tackle the mountains. Keep pushing and keep climbing and you will only get faster. Change your mindset to one of challenging yourself rather than playing out your fears.

The Race did not go to Plan

Unfortunately, it can't always go our way. Maybe we get a puncture in a sportive or triathlon, that's just unfortunate. Maybe your nutrition did not go well. Perhaps you picked the wrong race and it was way above your current ability. All these mistakes are great lessons to learn from, what went wrong and how we can do better for the future.

You don't want to get left stranded

As much as our fears of riding with others comes in, at times we fear of mechanical issues that could leave us stranded when riding alone. Things do happen, often if you can't fix it yourself someone will come along and help a fellow stranded cyclist. If not there are not many situations that a credit card can't get you out of! Plus, it will probably give you that little push to go and attend a bike mechanics course to build your confidence with the running of your bike.

Just remind yourself if you want to be a better cyclist. Get out there, get the miles in, experience new things and connect with those that share your passion.

FYI, our coaches have tons of experience and have made many of the mistakes already. So you can get the support from an expert. Book a free discovery call to find out how we can take your cycling to the next level.

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