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Just Do the Work!

We can often get very focused on our end goal. You want to get faster, you want to go up hills better you want to keep up your cycling club.

Sometimes fixating on this can give us a negative mind set. How many time do you experience frustration that you feel slow going up a hill, that your average speed is not was it it or that you are always the last in the group.

Chances are that there people that have come before us that have achieved success in improving their cycling. So we just have to focus on doing the work that leads to success. It may take longer than you think, or less. It may be harder than we though, or easier than we imagined. Challenges may come up along the way. But don't let it deter you away from the work.

  • Train regularly

  • Cycle challenging routes

  • Complete interval training

  • Have a coach to help you keep focused

To talk with me about doing the work needed to help you become a strong cyclist Book a Free Discovery Call.

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