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Keep Your Cycling Fitness for the Winter

With the warmer months coming to an end cycling does get more challenging, but with a bit of planning and a little bit of motivation you continue to build your speed and fitness on the bike all year round.

I hear from countless women about how they use the summer to regain their fitness, but also the struggle to be back in the same place every spring with months off the bike.

Cyling is a bit like life in that we have to deal with whatever elements it throws at us and how well we can prepare for it. But those cyclists that train through the winter come out physically and mentally stronger come spring.

Here are some tips for keeping your cycling fitness throughout the year.

It may feel like a cop out, it may feel like it's not what cycling is about. But it's going to help you keep fit on the bike when it's not possible to cycle outdoors. If it be from avoiding dark nights to icy roads.

Get the Right Gear

Many of us need no excuse to buy new cycling kits, but having the right gear for the winter is going to be a deal breaker to help you endure the weather. A good jacket, cycling gloves, base layers, tights are really going to make a difference.

Understand to be more adaptable with your time

On some days it's going to be impossible to get out due to the weather when you planned to. Always have an option B or change the training to another day, but make sure you get something in each week.

Meet with friends or your club

There is a great sense of camaraderie with cyclists in the winter months. Great friendships can form when the dedicated ones meet to enjoy their passion.

Get a Coach

Now is the best time to get a coach. You can start thinking about your goals for next year. A coach will keep you motivated when you need it most. They will make sure that the training that you are doing is quality training, not junk miles. A good coach will help you manage your time better to get that time in on the bike.

If you would like to talk with one of our team about how you can build you cycling fitness Book a Free Discovery Call

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