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Learn To Do Nothing!

Can you remember the last time that you did nothing?

Could you even know what doing nothing would feel like?

Do you just not have time to do nothing?

Why we can't stop

I think that in society we are full of expectations that we should be achieving, we need to be productive and have an outcome of each day. But when have you considered that your outcome should be to feel energised and engaged with your creative energy?

We can often get into a cycle of ´doing´ and before we have even finished the current task, we are feeling anxious that there is more to do. Our minds can become comfortable with the busyness, even when there is nothing to do we can find ourselves filling our minds with un-useful information, whether it be the new or scrolling on your phone. Why do we struggle to just be?

How to do nothing

Now this is the challenge to learn to do nothing.

  • Set days in which you plan nothing and give yourself no expectations. Don't set and alarm don't make any plans. Consider how you feel and what you feel like you are doing.

  • Through your day set a few minutes to sit still.

  • Get out in nature and do nothing, sit and don't move.

  • STOP doing things that are not important to you. Do you really need to decorate this weekend, or do you need time to unwind?

How we can benefit from doing nothing

From doing nothing, we can not only gain some energy and creative thinking, but we learn what is important to you. When you are saying you don't have time for things that are important to you. You can suddenly realise that you have heaps of time and are motivated and energised to do the things that give you positivity.

It's a process, but if you are feeling you are not able to have time for you and your bike. Learn to do nothing!

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